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Samten Tse charitable society - Mindrolling International

Dear Friends,
The charitable projects under Mindrolling International and Samten Tse Charitable Society help aid hundreds of people and animals in need every year. We help provide basic care, education, medical aid, food and shelter and assist in many developmental projects.

Projekt Ajudžňana – útulek a péče o zvířata

These aid projects provide much needed help to the many who suffer under various difficult circumstances and have none or very little help from other sources. The help we are able to provide has been much needed and appreciated for many years since the conception of STCS. For over thirteen years, STCS has been helping to provide food, shelter, medical attention and education to hundreds of people and has helped build schools, hospitals, shelters and community centres. We have a few members whose generosity has always allowed these projects to continue and we thank them all on behalf of everyone at Samten Tse Charitable Society.

Projekt Ajudžňana – útulek a péče o zvířata

However, it has become increasingly difficult to sustain and respond to these projects. The needs of the people and the projects continue to increase but fundraising is not keeping pace and therefore we must address the gap that currently exists. We now need to raise more funds urgently in order to meet with the needs of the 2010–2011 Samten Tse Charitable Projects. Currently we are trying to raise US$ 45,000.00. In particular, this fund will provide a much needed extension to the shelter at the animal rescue centre in Dehra Dun, India. As the winter approaches, hundreds of stray animals living at the shelter will benefit and have a warm facility that is protected from the severe cold. Donations to this project will also enable us to provide for the monthly medical and food expenses at the animal shelter and care for the many animals who would otherwise have to endure a great deal of pain and suffering from many terrible conditions.

Šhrí Dípam “Projekt Geso“ – podpora pro starší

Part of this fund will also allow us to finish the renovation of the community prayer and activity hall for the aged residents of the Dekyiling Tibetan settlement in India. This community building has been damaged by the recent monsoon rains and is in need of immediate renovation. Upon its renovation this hall will serve the entire community of the Dekyiling Tibetan settlement and its hundreds of residents as a gathering place for community events and prayer ceremonies.

Part of the fund will also allow us to continue with our efforts in helping to support over a hundred seniors or elderly people. The sponsorship allows these seniors to obtain essential food and medical needs. The seniors who are assisted under this program have no other source of income and the sponsorship of STCS enables them to fulfill their day to day needs.

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Once again we deeply appreciate all that everyone has done to enable Samten Tse Charitable Society to help hundreds of people, animals and important organizations these past thirteen years and we sincerely hope and pray that we may continue to meet, through the kindness and generosity of our members, the growing needs of the many we attempt to serve. Please join us in attempting to meet our new goal.

With all best wishes,
Samten Tse Charitable Society

If you are making a donation, please let us know at samtentseretreat@gmail.com so that we can respond and send you updates of the projects. The donations can be made directly at the main STCS account in India or through the account of the individual Samten Tse branches.

Please find the details bellow:
Samten Tse Charitable Society (STCS)
Account Number: 705010100019795
Name of the Bank: Bank of India
Dehra Dun Branch

Rajpur Road
Dehra Dun 248001

Please contact your local study group or Samten Tse branch center for local bank details.